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By Jenn Jacques

Gabby Giffords

Former Arizona Representative and Americans for Responsible Solutions co-founder Gabby Giffords is referencing President Trump’s executive order on immigration to drum up donations and highlight a more dangerous threat to citizens than refugees.

“Let’s put it in perspective,” Giffords wrote in an fundraising email for ARS. “There is a group that has proven itself to be far more deadly on American soil. A group that has killed someone once a week for the last two years: Toddlers.”

“That’s why we’re fighting to ensure guns are kept safe from kids,” Giffords concluded.

OBSERVATION: ARS doesn’t fight to ‘ensure guns are kept safe from kids’ like the firearms industry does, but they do fight to restrict parents’ and citizens’ right to keep and bear arms “for the children”.

“Rarely has such an assault been so disconnected from the threats we truly face,” Giffords said of Trump’s executive order temporarily banning certain refugees from entry into the United States. “The truth is this: In the history of accepting refugees in this country, none has committed a terrorist attack on our soil.”

It takes a special kind of stupid to think toddlers are more dangerous than an unvetted group of individuals that has been known to be a cover …Read the Rest

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