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By Kristin Alberts

Some guns are fancy collector pieces, too nice or historically important to take afield with regularity. Others are shooters built for hard use but lacking class and unlikely to be remembered in a hundred years.
In the world of lever-actions, there are five that reach across all categories. Grab one of these timeless lever-actions for a gun that can hunt all season long, hold a spot in the safe, and pass to the next generation.
Savage 99
One of the most instantly recognizable lever-action rifles is the Savage Model 99. The Model 99’s internal rotary magazine improved upon the standard tubular magazine used on earlier lever guns. A brass round counter set in the receiver was just one of the unique touches.
Calibers like the .300 Savage and .250-300 Savage brought new speed, and longer hunting ranges to the lever gun market, though the Savage 99 was produced in cool calibers from .22 High Power through .375 Winchester. Many Model 99s not only survive to this day but make their way to the hunting woods each Fall as a reminder of both the quality and longevity of the design. It’s safe to say that any hunter who’s had the pleasure of harvesting game


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