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By Bob Owens


A black man opened fire on white passers-by yesterday in Bristol (Tennessee) before he was subsequently shot and taken into custody by responding police.

Authorities in Tennessee say a man who opened fire on a highway in Tennessee targeted police officers and others because he was troubled by incidents involving black people and law enforcement officers.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says in a news release that initial conversations with the suspect revealed he was troubled by incidents across the U.S.

The TBI says the suspect is black; the shooting victims are all white.

Investigators say L___ K___S___* killed one person and wounded three others, including a police officer.

S___ had two guns early Thursday morning when he shot at a motel in Bristol, Tennessee, and then shot indiscriminately at several passing cars.

When he was confronted by police, he fired at the three officers who responded.

The suspect was shot by the officers and is being treated at a hospital.

WJHL notes that the domestic terrorist was armed with a semi-automatic rifle and handgun and a large quantity of ammunition. Fortunately he was not very well trained, or the casualty count may have been much higher than one dead and three wounded.

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