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By James England

Recently, we got an email recounting a defensive gun use situation and we’ll get into that a bit more in a future article. In this article, we’re going to tackle the that rough gray area of where drawing a firearm is warranted but no shots result and what you, as the concealed carrier, should consider after that happens.

State laws dictate a lot of the nuances of when drawing a firearm is considered justified versus brandishing or menacing.

We’re going to start with a clean binary situation.

Scenario: An armed robber draws a gun or weapon and intimates he’s going to use it, you draw your gun, and he flees. No shots are fired.

Should you call the police immediately and inform them of the situation? Sure. That’s a decent course of action.

However, here’s two factors you may want to consider before you call the police:

  • Are you in a safe location?
  • Are the other people around you aware of the action you took?

When ordinary people see a man drawing a gun, they may completely neglect to notice the other man who is also armed. For an outside observer, is it clear that you were justified and the other person was not?

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