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By Bob Owens

The Second Amendment wasn’t written to protect hunting. It was written by armed revolutionaries to explicitly protect the Right of Revolution for citizens when the federal government inevitably became tyrannical again. Does the Second Amendment also protect your right to own a tiny pocket pistol for personal defense, or a side by-side shotgun for hunting? Absolutely. But the Second Amendment was explicitly written to ensure that the citizens who are the militia (which they defined as the general population, not the National Guard or Reserves that didn’t formally exist for more than another hundred years) had access to arms of contemporary military utility.

Unfortunately, Democrats unconstitutionally undermined that right in 1934 under FDR with the National Firearms Act, and again under LBJ with the Gun Control Act of 1968, and the controversial Hughes Amendment to the Firearms Owners Protection Act in 1986.

All of that given, “The SlideFire Bump-SAW Concept” is an interesting effort to create some of the functionality of a squad automatic weapon (SAW) using 100% legal, ATF-approved semi-automatic parts.

The result is more of a poor man’s version of the new Marine Corp’s M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) …read more

Source:: Bearing Arms

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