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By Sara Tipton

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We’ve all been in conversations in which someone mentions gun control or their hatred of firearms. I had some relatives stay overnight with me a few days ago and they left with a different impression of guns than when they arrived. It isn’t that this couple hated guns, they just knew nothing about them other than the fact that pulling the trigger makes one go “bang.” They don’t own any firearms, and although being with me probably didn’t make them change their minds about arming up, their perception of gun owners has changed, and for the better . . .

Since they arrived on a day that ends in a ‘y,’ I was armed when they rolled up to the house. I was locked and loaded, open carrying in my pink Rekkr holster. I immediately offered drinks, and as my brother-in-law sat down to talk, I poured one for him. Since I decided to partake in a small amount of whiskey with him, I disarmed. I removed the gun from my person, emptied the round from the chamber and placed it on a shelf above my desk well out of reach of my kids.

He was watching me. I don’t …Read the Rest

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