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By Ammoland

Wyoming Governor's Candidate Mary Throne is Lying to Gun Owners


Wyoming Governor’s Candidate Mary Throne is Lying to Gun Owners

Wyoming – -( Mary Throne is desperate.

It’s no surprise; after all, she is a hardened anti-gun politician who is trying to become the Governor of Wyoming — one of the most pro-gun states in the country.

To do that, Mary Throne is going all out in her effort to twist the facts about her record as a former state lawmaker.

Recently, in an interview with KODI and KZMQ, Throne did her best to totally reinvent herself as a stalwart supporter of the Second Amendment.

Like every gun grabber in the country, Throne began by professing her support of hunting — just like former Vice President Biden used to do — as if the Second Amendment was written to ensure our right to hunt.

Of course, you and I know that it was about the right of the people to remain armed to deal with criminals and tyrants.

But sensing that that wasn’t enough for gun owners, Throne dispensed with the truth and began to flat out lie by claiming, “I’ve never supported any kind of gun control.” Technically, you see, Throne is correct. There have not been gun control bills on the floor of …Read the Rest

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