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By Rebecca Jones

The 2023 Wyoming Legislative Session Recap – Much More Work Needs to be Done!
The 2023 Wyoming Legislative Session came to an end on Friday, March 3, after a rocky ride for our Second Amendment Rights!
SF0120 Contained Hidden Gun Control
When it comes to gun issues, the 2023 Session contained some bad news and some good news.
In the final week of the Session, GOA warned our members and supporters that the Wyoming Legislature was poised to pass hidden gun control in a bill labeled “Restoration of Civil Rights!”
Despite a strong GOA-backed effort to amend this bill by pro-gun Representatives in the House, SF0120 passed without critical amendments just before the Legislature adjourned on March 3.
As passed, SF0120 restores the right to bear arms to one-time non-violent felons in Wyoming, which is a concept GOA supports. However, SF0120 contains gun control provisions not necessary for restoring rights, and it actually revokes rights not previously revoked under Wyoming statutes. 
Essentially, the Wyoming Legislature revoked the firearms rights of non-violent felons under Wyoming law in order to restore them under Federal Law when there were other legal paths for restoring the rights of non-violent felons. With two simple amendments, SF0120 could have been a true “Restoration of Civil Rights” bill, contained no

Source: Gun Owners of America

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