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By Jordan Stein

Vote Like Your Rights Depend on It
Dear friend,
Gun owners need our elected officials to take their oath of office seriously — to fight to defend and restore the right to keep and bear arms. We look to our representatives to protect the rights of the People.
Rep. Kathy Hess Crouse is the epitome of a Second Amendment champion.  She is an excellent Second Amendment advocate, and she has been working hand in hand with gun rights organizations to advance numerous pro-gun legislation for years. Further, she has far exceeded GOA’s rigorous vetting process for candidates running for office.
For her relentless dedication to the Second Amendment, GOA is proud to endorse Kathie Hess Crouse for the West Virginia House of Delegates District 19.
So please consider making a donation or volunteering to re-elect Kathy. Most importantly, be sure to cast your vote for her on November 8th!
In liberty,
Alex Shay
West Virginia State Director
Gun Owners of America

Paid for by Gun Owners of America, Inc. Not authorized by any candidate for candidate’s committee.

Source: Gun Owners of America

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