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By Gregory Smith

Florida Gun Supply Tweet

When it comes to the marketing of guns, I believe in being inclusive, not divisive. Just like some Atheists are people that had horrible experiences with Christians, I don’t want Muslims to have horrible experiences with gun owners.

I’m not a Muslim apologist, the threat of radical Islam is real, but just like not every black person is a member of a gang, not every Muslim is a terrorist.

The shop owner wrote on Twitter that: “Islam is evil at its core.”

“I don’t believe that every Muslim is evil at their core,” Mr Hallinan clarified however to MSNBC on Friday.

“But I do believe that the extreme political correctness in the U.S. leads to loss of life. And that’s why I have promotions like these designed to combat that kind of political correctness,” he said.

In July Mr Hallinan announced that his gun shop is a “Muslim-free zone” following the shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that left five U.S. service members dead, killed by Muslim-American, Mohammad Abdulazeez.

Assuming every Muslim is dangerous is no different than liberals assuming every gun owner is dangerous. Blaming groups of people for the actions of an individual is foolish, it’s what liberals do! It’s disconcerting when conservatives, …read more

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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