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By David Codrea

What’s “strong” about Americans being helpless and having to wait for the police to come save them? (Fifth Third Bank/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “How could the man accused of fatally shooting three in downtown Cincinnati on Thursday, a person who had a history of petty crime – and possible mental health issues – purchase a gun legally in Ohio?” USA Today asked breathlessly in a Friday hit piece on the right to keep and bear arms masked as straight news. “Omar Santa Perez, 29, fatally shot three people and injured two others before he was shot and killed by police officers Thursday morning at Fifth Third Bank’s corporate headquarters on Fountain Square.”

The answer to the question — and contrary to the adage, there is such thing as stupid ones — is that “petty crimes” don’t warrant stripping a citizen of fundamental rights. And “possible mental health issues” do not a proven danger to self and others make.

Not that USA Today and parent corporation Gannett Publications wouldn’t like to see such tyranny imposed on all gun owners. They’re the ones that violated their own ethics policies and endangered gun owners by publishing …Read the Rest

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