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By Bob Owens

This is WRAL Investigative Reporter Cullen Browder, and He's smart as paste.

This is WRAL investigative reporter Cullen Browder, and its a good thing he’s pretty.

I warned WRAL investigative reporter Cullen Browder over the weekend not to run a heavily biased story on NFA Trusts. He didn’t listen, and so now I have the duty to show all the ways in which his hit piece falls apart.

Let’s begin.

Here’s the headline.

WRAL Investigates: Owning high-powered weapons possible without normal ATF oversight

This headline is what we call “highly inaccurate.” The National Firearms Act (NFA) has nothing whatsoever to do with power, but with function. Most of the items you’ll find covered under the National Firearms Act (and all of those covered in this story) are far from high-powered.

But the headline is the least that’s wrong with this story, so let’s press on.

Short-barreled rifles and suppressors, also known as silencers, are types of weapons covered under the National Firearms Act. To buy them, the process is much more thorough than purchasing most other guns. But there’s a legal way to avoid those checks and balances.

Suppressors (“also known as silencers”) are not weapons. They’re mufflers. Literally. Hiram Percy Maxim developed car mufflers and gun mufflers at the same time, using the same technology, for the …Read the Rest

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