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By Tom Knighton

There are a few things that even the dumbest criminal should know not to do, like commit an armed robbery at a donut place. You have to know the police are going to be coming by at some point, right?

I kid, of course, but the underlying point is that some places aren’t conducive to criminal activity, like a gun store.

Or, you know, chasing your alleged kidnapping victim into a karate dojo.

Police said August Williams, 46, is accused of following a woman into a karate school on Statesville Avenue after he attempted to snatch her just before 9 p.m.

“He was just punching at everything from walls to cars, everything,” said Randall Ephraim, sensei at Bushiken Karate Charlotte Dojo.

Once Williams got inside, police said an instructor fended him off and he ran out of the studio. Williams was later taken into custody.

Ephraim was able to get control of Williams, but he said it wasn’t easy.

“He was very strong – very, very strong, he said. “He weighed at least 200 (pounds) and some change, under the influence — very strong powerful individual.”

Williams had to be transported to the hospital due to his injuries before his all expenses paid trip to …Read the Rest

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