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By John Falkenberg

LECANTO, FL — A would-be home invader got his tail handed to him after he assaulted a man at his own home, who happened to be a veteran with 2 tours in Vietnam.

Little did he know the 71-year-old man he attacked was armed, and not having it.

As Fox 13 reports:

Citrus County resident Carmelo Marchese says he had no choice but to shoot a would-be home invader.

“I was honestly and truly in fear for my life,” he told FOX 13.

It started with his dog Daisy barking wildly. A stranger was knocking on the door at 11:30 at night. Police say the would-be intruder was Joshua Bernard, who has a prior history of burglary and was just released from jail.

”Once he started to push me and grab my neck, I shot him. I wasn’t going to play. This isn’t a game, it was a life-and-death situation,” he said.

Marchese, 71, served in the Navy and did two tours in Vietnam. He’s never faced this kind of threat at home.

“I had warned him prior. I did everything I was supposed to do. This is my house, not his,” he said.

Bernard was fortunate to survive the gunshot to the …Read the Rest

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