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By James England

MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA — When one car owner saw a thief breaking into one of his vehicles at 5 a.m., he took matters into his own hands and got into his other car to give pursuit. A high speed chase through the center of Morrisville ended when the carjacker crashed the vehicle into a light post. When he attempted to exit the vehicle, he was greeted with two rounds from the gun of the owner. One of the rounds allegedly hit his arm and he escaped on foot to a nearby convenience store where he surrendered to authorities.

The car thief was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for his wounds and then arrested for multiple crimes. According to FOX 29, investigators are still looking into the scene to see if the owner will be tried for any crimes related in the pursuit of the thief.

Police are trying to obtain a search warrant to search the vehicles for evidence they believe will further implicate the carjacker.

While we’re all for stopping someone from unlawfully taking property, the manner in which this pursuit took place gives rise to more questions than it answers. It’s unclear why the owner didn’t just …Read the Rest

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