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By Bob Owens


It was entirely predictable that President Barack Obama would refuse to address the reality that the Islamic terrorist loyal to ISIS targeted a gay nightclub in Orlando during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, even though before he made his public statement it had already confirmed by authorities that the attack was carried out by an Islamic terrorist loyal to ISIS. Obama has never missed an opportunity to defend the religion of his youth, even as he professes to being a Christian today.

It was also just as predictable that Obama would use the Islamic terrorist attack on the Pulse nightclub to attack the gun rights of law abiding citizens who don’t hate anyone, and who have committed no crimes. He once again asserted that we need more gun laws to save lives, even though the terrorist passed background checks to purchase his AR-15 rifle and handgun.

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend that the 1994 “assault weapon” ban signed into law by President Bill Clinton did not sunset (expire) in 2004. Let’s pretend that Congress reauthorized the law, and that President George W. Bush re-signed it, making it permanent. Would it have made any difference at all during the Islamist …Read the Rest

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