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By David Codrea

By David Codrea

Linda Sarsour leads the raging hijab-wearing jihadists for demanding infringements contingent. (Screenshot ov video on Women’s March Twitter feed)
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( “The NRA Is Playing a Deadly Game in Labeling the Left as Violent,” (immigrant from Dubai and proud granddaughter of the founder of the Communist Party in India) Sonali Kolhatkar writes in Common Dreams (“Breaking news and views for the progressive community”). The purpose of her smear piece is to introduce her readers to the so-called “Women’s March on NRA,” a 17-mile trek from National Rifle Association headquarters in Fairfax, VA, to the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

The tactics she employs are familiar ones – accusing people she opposes of that which the subversive left employs as standard operating procedure. That and to get some mileage over a fabricated fisting controversy.

MILMs (Moms I’d Like to Mock)

For those who haven’t heard about the march, how could you not have? The media, desperate to take a slap at NRA and Donald Trump (and to be showered with the respect …Read the Rest

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