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By Jenn Jacques

Hey, fellow NRA members and gun owners who identify as women!! Guess what? The Women’s March thinks you’re too stupid to be an actual firearms owner/lover/shooter/aficionado! You must be trying to sell guns to men with your crazy antics!

Wait, what?!

Yup – you heard that right. The “feminist organization” Women’s March that protested the NRA because they were butthurt that Dana Loesch’s video called for everyone to tell the truth, says she’s nothing but “a pretty face to sell guns to men”.

In front of the NRA HQ building, an unidentified man with the March stepped up to the microphone to address the NRA Spokeswoman, saying, “Dana Loesch: it’s not too late to join these women up here! You’re a woman, too. Don’t let the NRA use you, Dana – as a pretty face to sell guns to men!”

Sexism 101: Women who like guns are nothing more than “pretty faces” to sell them to men. #NRA2DOJ #2A

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) July 14, 2017

Um… so that’s feminism?

  1. They assumed her gender
  2. The NRA doesn’t sell guns
  3. Dana isn’t being “used”, she chose to be an NRA Commentator and their spokeswoman
  4. She does have a pretty face, but
  5. She also has …Read the Rest

    Source:: Bearing Arms

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