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By John Falkenberg

GLENDALE, AZ — A woman was put in the hospital after a road rage incident turned into a shooting, AZ Central reports.

One woman was found at the scene of the crime with a single gunshot wound — she was taken to the hospital. The shooter, also a woman, was detained by police.

A woman may die because someone was mad about how someone else drove. It’s insanity.

I was once a victim of some serious road rage. And I’m not talking about grandma yelling at me as she passes by because she doesn’t think I’m moving fast enough — I’m talking real-life car chase.

And, of course, because I was 19 at the time, I wasn’t carrying. I haven’t had the chance to share this story yet so…

Buckle up.

Like so many other 19-year-old who came before me, I was a pizza delivery boy. A pretty decent one, too. However, one evening a fellow driver disagreed, pretty violently.

To this day I don’t know why he got mad. It was a whirl area, and there really wasn’t anything I could do to mess up his day, if I wanted to. It was safe …Read the Rest

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