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By Guns ‘n’ Freedom

woman shot ipad carrying intruder before police could arrive

Photo Credit: Nancy McCleary

We’ve said it over and over again that home alarms do little to nothing to stop intruders from entering your home. All they do is send out the alert after the fact.

A woman came home to find a strange vehicle in her driveway and a door broken down.

The alarm had already been tripped but the intruder was still in her home, as she found out when she walked into her house.

According to,

“She walks inside and sees a male walking towards her with her iPad in his hand. She looks at him and he looks at (her) and she starts shooting him. She shoots her gun multiple times,” the statement said. The woman then called 911 to report what had happened.

No charges have been filed as the woman shot the man in self-defense.

The intruder has been identified by his fingerprints as Brian Keith Ratley, of Camden Road, Fayetteville.

The vehicle found in the driveway was found to be a stolen Jeep, and the intruder was no stranger to infractions against the legal system.

Ratley was under supervised release for a 2013 conviction for obtaining property by false pretenses in Cumberland County. He was previously convicted and jailed on …Read the Rest

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