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By CN Staff

By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG

This is the kind of happy holiday season story that warms the cockles of your heart and renews your faith in humanity…not to mention the Second Amendment. Bruce McLaughlin, Jr. released himself on his own recognizance from a Pickens, South Carolina jail yesterday. He and another inmate beat up two guards, stole their keys and made their escape.

You’ll be shocked to learn that McLaughlin had been a frequent guest of the local graybar hotel.

McLaughlin had been in and out of the Pickens County jail about a dozen times on charges ranging from drug possession to assaulting a police officer to shoplifting. He was currently awaiting trial on first-degree burglary and grand larceny charges, according to sheriff’s office records.

While the other inmate was re-captured in short order, McLaughlin came upon a local home and kicked in the back door. What he apparently didn’t count on, however, while he was standing there in his orange jumpsuit, was what was on the other side of the door.

The woman was home alone and had gone through training to get a concealed weapons permit, Clark said.

Bruce McLaughlin Jr., 30, died from a gunshot to the head, Pickens County …Read the Rest

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