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By John Falkenberg

LITCHFIELD PARK, AZ — A man has been shot and whisked off to the hospital after allegedly mistaking his neighbor’s home for his own and trying to make his way inside, AZ Family reports.

It’s easy to try to call this a tragic mistake, but it’s not so certain. The man who was hospitalized for his actions had reportedly been warned by the female occupant, carrying a gun, to stop trying to make his way into her home.

According to AZ Family:

Sgt. Joaquin Enriquez said the woman had called 911 at about 11 p.m. to report a suspicious vehicle in her driveway at her home near Camelback and El Mirage roads. The woman told dispatchers she could see a man inside a car and did not know who he was.

Enriquez said the man eventually walked up to the front door and tried to get inside the house. The woman warned the man that she was armed and after he tried to get into the house again, she shot him through the frame of her front door.

When deputies arrived on scene, they found the man on the doorstep with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was taken to …Read the Rest

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