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By Tom Knighton

I’m not sure anything will get the collective heart rates of a community racing quite like an escaped prisoner in the area. Hollywood has told us countless stories of the horrors that can befall people at the hands of escapees. The fact that some of these are based on true stories certainly doesn’t help with that.

For one South Carolina woman, that fear became all too real, until she used her Second Amendment rights to rewrite the script.

An inmate who had escaped minutes earlier from a county jail in South Carolina was shot and killed by a woman after he kicked in her back door, the local sheriff said.

The inmate was still in his orange jail jumpsuit and had grabbed a knife sharpening tool from the woman’s kitchen in Pickens as he headed toward her bedroom around 3 a.m. Tuesday, Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark said.

“This was a big guy. If she hadn’t had a weapon there’s no telling what would have happened,” Clark said. “I gave her a big hug. I told her how proud I was of her.”

The woman was home alone and had gone through training to get a concealed weapons permit, Clark said.

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