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By Jarrad T Markel

SOTG 279 - Woman Defends Herself With a Knife
SOTG 279 – Woman Defends Herself With a Knife

Biloxi, Mississippi — ( – The most critical component in self-defense is not a gun, it is a determined mind. The would-be victim in this case had both the will and the tool to stop a rapist from completing his assault. That led us to a question from a caller about what criteria to look for in a quality folding knife.

Yet again we are treated to a half-answer to firearms related accidents and negligence. Rather than educate both adults and children in the Four Universal Firearms Safety Rules, instead you can spend $300. Is it so hard just to learn to do the right thing?

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Being a Student of the Gun is not about being a novice or beginner. Student of the Gun represents a life’s journey of education, enlightenment and the enjoyment of firearms. Each week Student of the Gun will introduce our listeners to all manner of firearms related topics be they sport, recreation or personal defense.

Unlike the television format, through the magic of digital radio, we will have the opportunity to explore topics more deeply …Read the Rest

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