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By Tom Knighton

Unlike gun laws, many hunting laws seem to work for their specified purpose. They manage game so that more people can enjoy hunting, which is a good thing. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t any issues with game laws, because there are, but at least some of them do what they’re supposed to do.

That said, some people break those laws. We’ve had poachers, and I suspect we always will.

What we didn’t have before were dating apps. Especially dating apps where a woman who poaches could brag about her exploits to a game warden.

Game warden Cannon Harrison probably wasn’t expecting to make his latest bust on a dating app. But that’s what happened after he matched with an Oklahoma woman on Bumble.

As they struck up an online conversation, the woman immediately shared that she had just killed a “bigo” buck — “obviously not knowing Cannon is a game warden,” wrote the Oklahoma Game Wardens in a Facebook post.

Harrison asked if she had shot the deer with a bow, as bow hunting is still legal in Oklahoma through mid-January. She said she didn’t want to discuss that, but Harrison innocently pressed further, prompting his match to …Read the Rest

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