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By James England

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN — An abusive ex-boyfriend with a rap sheet a mile long shows up at the place of work of a former girlfriend and begins violently beating her. This is the sort of sad tragic thing most people would just read on the news and shake their head. However, one customer of the store saw the violence and rushed to her aid. The suspect then turned on the customer and allegedly tried to grab his gun after the customer tried to break up the assault. The customer, then, had no choice but to draw his gun and shoot the suspect twice.

Police are saying that the customer’s actions were justified. In a statement to WOODTV, Capt. Keith Mulder of the Holland Department of Public Safety described what that customer had to go through.

“He (the customer) goes into the situation having no idea what’s happening, not intending to have to use any type of force against anybody – and is surprised by an act going on. So you can definitely understand his perspective,” Mulder said.

That clerk credits the customer’s actions with potentially saving her life. If a Good Samaritan had not been able to stop 29-year-old Tramell Jackson, he …Read the Rest

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