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By James England

BALDWIN COUNTY, ALABAMA — A brutal homicide, a lengthy pursuit by police, and a population living with the reality that true violence is never far from home… These are some of the factors that Baldwin County residents have brought up in a recent rush for concealed carry permits.

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January 30th through February 3rd,” Sheriff Hoss Mack said. “We had issued 333 concealed carry permits, that five day period which would have been the business week. Then February 6th, which would have been the Monday after the Broz homicide, through February 10th, we issued 595. So, you almost saw a doubling of that in the following week.”

A lot of the permits issued are from first time permit applicants, many of them women. The event in question involved a couple believed to be responsible for a string of homicides. Those homicides were completely directed towards women. The couple believed to be responsible for the attacks fled to a motel in Georgia. One of them surrendered to police at a motel while the other shot himself to avoid capture.

The murderers lured a woman to her home and killed her in her front lawn. She was taken advantage of …Read the Rest

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