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By Cam Edwards

There’s virtually no chance of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ pet gun control policies becoming law this year, yet the grandstanding governor announced this week that he’s calling a special session of the legislature to consider “red flag” language and universal background checks. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says he’s not interested in a starring role in the governor’s political theater, and plans to adjourn the special session as quickly as possible.

Scott Fitzgerald, speaking to reporters in the Capitol, said there was no point in debating or holding hearings on the universal background check and “red flag” bills because Republicans who hold a 19-14 majority aren’t interested in passing them.

“The support’s not there to tackle these two issues,” Fitzgerald said.

Evers on Monday called the special session, which forces the Legislature to at least formally meet to consider the bills. However, the Legislature is not required to take any action and the Republican leaders made clear Tuesday that they had no intention of voting on the bills.

Good for Senator Fitzgerald for rejecting the governor’s attempt to play politics with public safety in the state.

Fitzgerald have said Republicans are concerned that the bills would infringe on Second Amendment rights. Fitzgerald …Read the Rest

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