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By Vanessa Torres

White-tailed Deer Management Plan Finalized

White-tailed deer rut continues strong across the state

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Outdoor Report summary
Wisconsin DNR
Wisconsin DNR

Wisconsin -( The white-tailed deer rut – or breeding season – continued to go on strong in the last week, with almost all areas of the state reporting very active deer at all times of the day, but most active at dawn and dusk.

Rubs and scrapes are very apparent and lots of hunters have been out archery hunting with very good success and scouting for the upcoming gun season.

The hunting and trapping season opens November 15 in state parks, with maps online and posted at all properties indicating which areas are open and closed to those activities. Hikers, wood cutters and other outdoor enthusiasts should be safe and wear orange or other brightly colored clothing when out on the trails or in the woods.

Pheasant hunters looking for another day out with the dog can still find hunting areas stocked with game farm birds. Reports of active wild turkey and woodcock also continue coming in. With some cooler night temperatures there has been a greater influx of some diving ducks migrating …Read the Rest

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