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By Nick Leghorn


We recently brought you the news about the Wisconsin Democrats’ proposal to ban all modern firearms, including almost every semi-automatic pistol and every modern rifle in existence. But after experiencing some significant pushback against their blatantly idiotic, unconstitutional plan, the Democrats in question have thrown the firearms confiscation party bus into reverse . . .


“After receiving feedback from some of our colleagues regarding the circulation of a preliminary draft banning semiautomatic assault weapons, the other authors of the bill and I have determined that we will work with the Legislative Reference Bureau to make some revisions to the draft bill to address some concerns that have been raised,” (Rep. Lisa) Subeck wrote. Specifically, she and the other advocates of the proposal, Representatives Chris Taylor, Terese Berceau, and Melissa Sargent, were concerned about “the potential impact of LRB 3635 on our state’s sporting heritage.”

Translation: “We didn’t expect these redneck yokels to actually pay attention to the political process and never expected such a furious response. We didn’t do a moment’s research before drafting this legislation that would have had a massive impact on the civil rights of our constituents. So now we’re going to go Google …Read the Rest

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