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By Tom Knighton

Two-thirds of all firearm-related fatalities are the result of suicide. This is an inescapable fact and it’s one anti-gunners don’t mind glossing over when it’s convenient. After all, they typically just use the total number of fatalities and hope you won’t look any deeper at the numbers. Most folks aren’t as willing to restrict someone’s rights because of what another does to themselves.

Yet suicide remains a serious and legitimate problem. One thing that gun-grabbers get right is that suicide attempts with firearms are more likely to be fatal than those with other methods.

Which is why there’s been a push to use suicide numbers to justify all manner of legislation.

Now, a Wisconsin bill seeks to create programs for gun stores to be able to combat suicides.

Between the years 2000 and 2017, the Wisconsin suicide rate spiked by 40 percent — 50 percent of which are committed by firearm.

These statistics influenced legislators to create Assembly Bill 527, which aims to combat suicide by firearm by supporting gun retailers in intervening with at-risk customers.

Facilitated by the Department of Health Services, the bill allocates a grant system to gun retailers, allowing them to receive training about assisting customers in crisis. The …Read the Rest

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