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By Tom Knighton

Throughout the nation, more and more states seem to be passing Red Flag Laws. The idea is simple. You take guns away from people who are exhibiting signs that they’re about to do something violent. It’s supposed to be a temporary thing and, at least on the surface, it sounds like something that might stop a lot of horrible acts.

In practice, it’s nothing of the sort. Instead, it’s become any number of other things, including legalized SWATting.

Now, the Wisconsin Attorney General wants to make it part of his state’s legal code.

In his inauguration speech, Attorney General Josh Kaul framed his plans for stricter gun control around the need for school safety.

Kaul cited stats from a Washington Post report that said more than 4 million students last year experienced a school lockdown.

The new attorney general calling for a red flag gun law and universal background checks.

“A red flag law that will allow law enforcement or family members to go to a judge and ensure that somebody who is a threat to themselves or others is temporarily disarmed,” Kaul said.

Oh, Kaul forgot to mention that it will also allow them to disarm family …Read the Rest

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