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By John Falkenberg

WEATHERFORD, TX — One of the biggest (and now best-defended) school districts has voted to arm teachers in the classroom, WBAP reports.

These teachers now have the chance to carry concealed, but it’s totally optional. That leaves anyone with the intent of hurting innocent kids with the question of a generation:

Do you feel lucky, punk?

As WBAP reports:

The Defender Program as its being called is completely voluntary for all teachers and staff. District officials say anyone who participates will go through an extensive training process with annual training requirements and undergo a psychological review, fingerprinting, background check and administrative approval.

The program leaves all individuals who participate anonymous and does not allow any citizen with a License to Carry the right to carry a weapon on Weatherford ISD property. Training for students include safety drills and “See Something; Say Something” training on situational awareness. Safety kits containing a safety vest, pepper spray and a trauma kit will also be implemented into classrooms.

Other preventative measures will include one Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, two Intervention Counselors, and an Intervention Teacher that will be provide support to students’ social and emotional needs. This also includes a School Safety Coordinator who will be …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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