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By Ben Philippi

Every year, Windsor Arms Co. brings a new crowd-pleasing gun to the Green Mountain Boys Machine Gun Shoot. In the past, it was a VEPR-12 full-auto shotgun, or a full-auto AR-10.  This year, it was a Super Shorty M1919 Browning machine gun.
Located in Windsor, Vermont, Windsor Arms Co. is owned and operated by Steve Newlan and Jared LaMarche. Together, they make a formidable team of highly experienced gunsmiths capable of building and modifying anything from basic to outrageous.
About the only thing standard on their Super Shorty M1919, is the Argentinian build-kit which they based it on. From there, they modified just about everything. First, they changed the caliber from .30-06 to 7.62×54mmR. Since .30-06 is rimless and the7.62×54mmR isn’t, they had to make a whole new head spacer, bolt and mechanism to handle the new round. Next, they chopped the barrel down from 24″ to 10.25″, and covered it with a custom barrel shroud. Atop the frame, they put an optics mount. A red dot works well because the sight radius on an M1919 with almost no barrel is limited.
The gun fires approximately 550 rounds per minute, similar to a stock M1919. It ran flawlessly at the gun shoot. LaMarche


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