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By Ammoland

GOP Republican Rhinos


Will the GOP Senate Have the Will to Stop the House Democrat’s Gun Control

Washington, DC – -( So, you think the GOP Senate will stop the Democratic House’s gun control…

Since the Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives, we know that either California Representative Nancy Pelosi or another anti-gunner will be Speaker of the House.

And with the Democrats in power, they have renewed their calls for gun control. In fact, they are planning one of the most aggressive pushes for gun control in years.

Nonetheless, since Republicans strengthened their majority in the Senate, many gun owners are still confident this “red wall” will block all of Pelosi’s gun control.

But is this really the case? Sadly, this “red wall” maybe more porous than one might think. First, consider that in the 115th Congress, with GOP control of both chambers, Congressional Republican leaders gave gun owners crumbs while passing a massive background check expansion bill.

Overall, it could be argued that the Second Amendment suffered under the Republican leadership, especially when President Donald Trump’s pending bump stock ban is considered.

So if the Second Amendment took a “net-loss” with complete Republican control, why should gun …Read the Rest

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