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By Tom Knighton

Smart guns are a contentious issue in the United States. While, in and of itself, there’s nothing wrong with companies trying to develop smart weapons, much of the goodwill for such endeavors went out the window when New Jersey passed a law that would require only smart guns to be sold once the technology became viable.

While the state has since repealed that law, instead of replacing it with one that would require all dealers to include at least one model of smart gun in their inventory, the damage was done. There’s no interest by gun manufacturers to look into smart guns.

However, there may be a customer who could drive that demand all on their own. That’s the military.

A carbine that can call in an airstrike. A computer-aided scope on a machine gun that can turn just about anyone into a marksman.Even firearms that measure and record every movement, from the angle of the barrel to the precise moment of each shot fired, which could provide law enforcement with a digital record of police shootings.

The application of information technology to firearms has long been resisted in the United States by gun owners and law-enforcement officials who worry they …Read the Rest

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