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By gunwriter In February I wrote about a new custom fitted, electronic hearing protection device called Wild Ear. The uniqueness of this device is that they are custom molded to your ear and offer hearing amplification. This is great on the range when under the control of a trainer or range officer but its also great when hunting. This is particularly true if you suffer from old ears that have been exposed to too much gunfire. I’ve logged a lot of hours with the Wild Ears in my ears, but as I mentioned in February, I’ve never owned a set of electronic hearing protection that I did not manage to break. Well, I broke my Wild Ears. The strange thing is I have no idea how it happened. If you’ll notice in the picture there is a small activation switch on each ear piece. (The two smaller buttons control the volume.) When I arrive in Nebraska at Hornady to do some test shooting back in March I took out my Wild Ears and noticed the activation lever was missing. Somehow I had broken it off or I was sabotaged by the TSA. I betting on the former but would not be surprised …Read the Rest

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