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By G. Halek

Concealed carry pistols are generally lighter and smaller than full-size pistols. They can be fired from a single hand. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to choose a pistol that fits well in your hand — so you can eventually learn to shoot it one handed.

That’s not to say you should shoot with one hand when you can use both. A two handed grip is going to be steadier than a single hand. A single hand is a single point of failure. And that brings us to a very important point: every concealed carrier should train to use either hand.

It’s not for the over-the-top scenario where you’re in the middle of a gas station robbery and the robber shoots your dominant arm.

Those are such rare occasions in the first place, it would be training for a single life event that will likely never happen.

Why You Need To Shoot With Your Non-Dominant Hand

The real reason I recommend training to shoot your concealed carry pistol with either arm is because you can’t plan for life events, in general. A good example is a life event like rotator cuff surgery. In a normal world, this results in a downtime …Read the Rest

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