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By G. Halek

August, 2017. First online reports surface on social media that a commercial Sig Sauer P320 was able to fire on its own when dropped at a specific angle onto the ground. Initial reports suggested that a Dallas police department had officially told its officers that they were not authorized to carry the P320 due to safety concerns.

This concern quickly spread out across the internet. Before long — and before any fact checking could occur — the P320 went from a great striker fire pistol to public enemy #1.

At the time, it was estimated nearly half a million commercial P320s were on the market.

This was huge.

With the onus of burden nearly always on the gun owner if a pistol discharges accidentally, P320 pistol owners were now voicing their concern that this pistol was unsafe.

As Sig Sauer demonstrated in the following days with their ‘Voluntary Upgrade Program’ FAQ, the commercial P320 was tested rigorously to multiple drop safe standards.

Yet, video after video kept surfacing of gun owners drop testing their P320s with live ammunition.

It was a marketing nightmare for Sig Sauer and a completely unsafe practice for consumers. Despite Sig Sauer’s own problems, there were plenty …Read the Rest

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