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By Kyle Lynch

Clip On Night Vision

Clip On Night Vision

One of the issues every shooter must overcome when integrating stealth technology like image-intensification and thermal devices into their inventory is how to mesh the tools used during daylight hours with the tools used during low-light hours. Rifles require optics and iron sights for redundant aiming systems during the day. When darkness falls, those same guns need white and infrared lights for searches and identifying people or objects, plus an infrared laser and either a dedicated night optic or what is referred to as a Clip On Night Vision device that attaches to the day scope for aiming once a target is found and identified. There are advantages and disadvantages to each setup. But the concept of a clip-on night sight that attaches to your existing day scope is tremendously appealing for a number of reasons.

Trijicon REAP-IR Mini Thermal Riflescope, Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous


WATCH: Night Shooting with the Trijicon REAP-IR Mini Thermal Riflescope

Clip On Night Vision Pros & Cons

Clip-on night vision …Read the Rest

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