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Whitetail Buck Hit List
Whitetail Buck, Hit List or Prtoect List?

USA – -( To learn more about the deer living on your hunting-club or hunting-lease lands, I’ve talked with Brian Murphy, a wildlife biologist and the executive director for the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), about the effective use of motion-sensor cameras for better deer management and to better protect deer. Murphy says that this type of deer census may capture photos of 95% of a deer herd in 10 days.

John E. Phillips: Brian, what is a Hit List and a Protect List?

Brian Murphy: In my opinion, this is one of the most-exciting and fun ways to manage deer. If you’ll go to the time and trouble to adequately check out your deer herd with motion-sensor cameras, then you can set-up a hit list (deer to take) and a protect list (deer to nurture) of your bucks. Here’s how. If you do a deer census before hunting season, you can choose the bucks you or members of your hunting lease want to harvest. Once you’ve selected the photographs of the bucks you want to take, you can create a mug shot catalogue of the bucks for each of the members …Read the Rest

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