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By Jeff Wood

Revolvers are great assets to have on the trail, but why? (Photo: Jeff Wood/
A good revolver on a hike can be a valuable asset. Whether for self-defense – from two or four-legged predators – or for hunting and recreational purposes, having a trustworthy wheelgun at your side greatly impacts your time in the woods.
Why a Revolver?
Why choose a revolver over something like an auto-loading pistol? Revolvers often bring a compact, and lightweight option to the table, using materials like Titanium or composite frames to reduce weight. They also tend to come in more powerful cartridges like .357 Magnum or .41 Magnum versus their semi-auto siblings commonly chambered in 9mm or .40 S&W.
Sometimes it’s just nice to appreciate the simplicity and time-proven revolver design. Whether a single-action or double-action, the straightforward draw, point, and shoot motion is therapeutic and charming to the cowboy inside each of us.
Arming oneself with a revolver can prove helpful on hikes, especially where animals are present. (Photo: Jeff Wood/
Many of us live and frequent wild areas where help is far away. Having a revolver or gun at the ready when you need it is, at times, the difference between life and death. A casual hike


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