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By CN Staff

Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming… What do all these states have in common? Well, if you’re a resident of any of them and are legally allowed to own a firearm, you’re allowed to carry one concealed.

This is a term called either ‘permitless carry’ or ‘constitutional carry’ and each state regulates precisely what those terms really mean. For instance, some states will allow someone to carry a pistol without a permit so long as it is concealed. For others, they grant a full range of open carry or concealed carry.

In almost all cases, it applies specifically to residents of that state — though there are exceptions.

As more and more state legislatures consider permitless concealed carry, a natural question arises: if I don’t need a permit to carry concealed, why should I go through the process of getting one?

In this article, we’ll address specifically why it’s a good idea and how getting a permit from your state, even if you don’t need one to carry within the state, can help you out later on.

State-to-State Reciprocity

There’s an imaginary (and very legally binding) line that divides states. That imaginary line can work for …Read the Rest

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