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By Tom Knighton

Gun laws are a pain in the rear, but we’re fortunate that we aren’t faced with an onslaught of new federal regulations coming at us all fast and furious. (Yes, I went there.) The fact that Congress is friendly toward the Second Amendment doesn’t make life any easier for many throughout this great land of ours.

The problem is that state governments are still infringing on the rights of their citizens by enacting unconstitutional gun control laws.

For many gun owners, that’s not a big thing. They don’t live in, say, California so what do they care?

Well, you’d better care for one reason if nothing else. You’d better care because gun laws are rarely content to stay put.

Back in June, supporters of a ballot initiative to prohibit the sale of semiautomatic firearms and large-capacity magazines pulled the plug. They had run out of time to gather enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot. But the dangers associated with such weapons have not gone away. If passing gun laws is too hard, maybe ammunition laws are achievable. California’s new rules for ammo could serve as a model.

A gun only becomes really dangerous when it is loaded, …Read the Rest

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