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By Tom Knighton

Anti-gunners claim that guns claim tens of thousands of lives every year. However, most of us know by now that their numbers are mostly made up of suicides. Two-thirds of the lives supposedly taken by guns are people who take their own lives, not the life of another.

Yet there is still a push by anti-gunners to use suicide as grounds to increase gun control.

For example:

In 2014, guns were the cause of about half of the 42,773 suicides in America. This statistic is even higher among current and former service members, as two-thirds of suicides among this population are committed using firearms.

First, no. Guns were not the cause of anything. They were the implement used by those who decided to take their own lives due to depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses.

No healthy, well-adjusted individual wakes up one day and shoots themselves in the head because they have a gun.

A firearm is a tool. It does what it’s made to do. It has no volition of its own. It can’t cause anything.

Now, back to the nonsense.

Sadly, research shows that suicide rates have increased over the past 45 years among people 10-24 years old, with one of the most …Read the Rest

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