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By G. Halek

Recently we got an email from a long time reader concerning a police interaction he had while carrying concealed. The matter concerned less of the interaction with law enforcement and more of the proper way to address the fact that he was carrying a concealed handgun.

I just picked up a car at the car auction a few weeks ago. In my state, when you get your registration and plates, you have 10 days to get the car inspected and get a sticker on it. Over this last Thanksgiving, I got caught up in family stuff and I ended up going over that 10 day grace period.

The car also has a ‘check engine’ light on so I can’t just roll into the local auto body and get a sticker slapped on. That’s how I got to day 2 of not having an inspection sticker.

As I passed through town, a local police officer saw I didn’t have a sticker and pulled me over. Before he arrived to the window, I shut off my car engine, got out my license and registration and had them in my hand.

I’m an everyday concealed carrier so I had my pistol in the 3 o’clock position on …Read the Rest

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