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By Dean Weingarten

NICS vs Private Increase 1999to2013

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( Gun sales are at record levels. In the last six months, gun sales, as reflected by the National Instant Check system, have hit record highs for each of the six months. It is almost certain that 2015 will be the highest year on record for private gun sales in the United States. But when national polls ask how many households own guns, the numbers appear to be the same or dropping. How do we reconcile this seeming contradiction? The answer is likely in a Zogby Analytic question asked in February of 2015. From

QUESTION: “If a national pollster asked you if you owned a firearm, would you determine to tell him or her the truth or would you feel it was none of their business?”

Gallup recently released a poll showing that gun ownership had declined from polls they had taken in an earlier time period. That number is inconsistent with the number of firearms that have been sold since President Obama took residency, but the difference can be answered by the Zogby Analytic question above. The poll indicates maintaining anonymity …Read the Rest

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