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By Tom Knighton

Raffling off a gun is a time-honored way to raise a little money. Someone donates a firearm and everyone interested buys a ticket or twelve in hopes of getting it dirty cheap. Maybe they also want to help the cause, but sometimes it’s all about the gun. What can I say? We’re human.

Gun raffles have been around for decades, and to my knowledge, no gun obtained in such a way has been used in a crime by the person who won the raffle. I’m sure there probably is an exception out there, just because the laws of probability say there have to be, but I’ve never heard of it.

Still, it seems anti-gunners still think gun raffles represent a risk to the public. At least one newspaper in New York, however, disagrees.

On the heels of a package of gun-control bills already being passed by the state Legislature this year, a new proposal being floated in Albany would make it illegal to offer a firearm as a prize in a raffle. It’s a bad idea that could actually hamper public safety rather than enhance it.

But in many places, including Cayuga County, such raffles are used by volunteer fire departments …Read the Rest

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