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By John Crump

CAS Hanwei Oni Katana

Opinion : John explains why he prefers Collectibles Insurance Services’ gun insurance policy over his regular homeowners insurance.

About a year ago I started looking into how to protect myself not only for theft but also from other events like fire or flooding.


CAS Hanwei Oni Katana

I also prefer how Collectibles Insurance Services calculate the value of my guns. Different from the homeowner’s policy that I have, CIS uses the actual market value of the firearms with no deductible. That means that I would get paid out the current price of the Mosin Nagant I paid $75 for at a gun show back in the day. With my homeowner’s insurance policy, it wouldn’t be worth putting in a claim if something happened to my Mosin.

CSI ties their policies to the firearms and not the home. If your gun gets stolen from your car, then you are covered. I also travel with a firearm when I fly. If my gun gets taken from my checked bag when traveling, I know they still have my back. Collectibles Insurance Services even covers your guns if the postal services lose it when mailing my gun out to say a gunsmith.

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