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By Tom Knighton

When someone defends the Second Amendment and cites self-defense as part of the reason they defend it, someone will usually suggest alternatives. They’ll sometimes claim that guns aren’t great for self-defense and suggest people arm themselves with things like pepper spray instead.

A case in California kind of proves how bad an idea that one really is. This one features a pepper spray-wielding attacker who ran into an armed citizen.

It didn’t work out well for the bad guy.

A smash-and-grab crew busted into a jewelry store armed with hammers and pepper spray but what they didn’t know is the owner had a gun.

The attempted smash-and-grab at Dana Kathryn Jewelry in Studio City took place on May 25th.

Security video shows one man unloading a canister of pepper spray on the owner and two customers. Then, a guy with a hat pulls out a hammer and starts to bash the display cases.

Police say the store owner stayed calm even though the guy with the shaved head swung a hammer at her while she was out of camera view.

“That changed the game there. Turned basically from a smash and grab burglary into a robbery,” said LAPD Det. Jennifer Hammer.

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